Thorncrown Chapel

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

We can look at photos of this place for hours. And seeing the modern organic design makes me think of Arkansas in a whole new light. I can't imagine a more perfect place for the first "official" wedding on our journey.

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Chapel of the Transfiguration

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

This is stunning. No question. And that picture, um, that's from inside the chapel. It's the window behind the alter looking out at the mountains. This is going an amazing stop for sure.

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Arches National Park

Moab, Utah

Okay, so that's not us in the photo. Yet! But whoever that couple is, they had an awesome idea. With natural wonders like this, maybe it's okay that there aren't any bars in the state.

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Town of Albino Squirrels?

Olney, Illinois

We're there! White squirrels for a white wedding. Perfect. I hope we can book the local park. Has a flash mob wedding ever happened? Maybe we should do it in Olney!

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I finally popped the question! And I couldn’t believe it when she said yes. (Okay, her actual response was, “Well, I’ve been stuck worse places!” But I’m taking that as a yes.)

So we started thinking about the perfect place to get married and we quickly realized that we live in such a big and beautiful country, and that we shouldn't be limited by the bounds of just a single wedding.

So we decided to hit the road and go discover America and get married in as many cool, strange, funny, breathtaking, heart-warming, and even borderline creepy, places we can. Call it a road trip wedding. And then another. And then another.